Jared Seligman

Senior Vice President; Douglas Elliman. New York

Prepare to feel very inferior…we kid, we kid. Let us put it this way, by age 18, Jared Seligmanwho was once called the “Condo King” by W Magazine—already had earned his real estate license and was closing multimillion-dollar deals. Just two months after reaching the legal drinking age in the states, Seligman was promoted and became the vice president and associate broker of the Corcoran Group. Not bad, right? Oh, and his clients? They range from the Olsens to Courtney Love and just about anyone in between (i.e. James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, Margherita Missoni, Tommy Hilfiger, Nicolas Sarkozy etc.)

We caught up with Cov-alum Mr. Yale Breslin, Seligman, and his dogs (Princess Grace and Henry) at his “temporary residence,” though we wouldn’t have guessed by the décor, which was expertly curated.

“I’ve barely finished unpacking—so I haven’t yet started my OCD,” Seligman confessed. “I can definitely say I am not a modernist when it comes to interiors. I appreciate the fine works and craftsmanship of 18th and 19th-century America and England. I like to think that I have a young flair to it, all but my friends often think my taste is a bit mature for my age.”

When it comes to dressing, Seligman is one of the sharpest. In fact, we dare you to try snapping him sans a tie or pocket square, which is more than likely of the Hermés variety. “I think ties are a necessary part of any gentleman’s wardrobe—especially one in my line of work,” he said.

After touring his space, admiring the taxidermy and ornate, gold-framed portraits of regal royalty, we quickly got to talking. It instantly turned into a full-on love affair between Seligman and our very own Jake. His expert lens seemed to snap up the heart of Seligman, who preferred to hug it out rather than get his picture taken. They bonded over a strange love for Patagonia (picture Seligman in a plaid pullover; impossible!), but unfortunately we had to be the bearers of bad news and reveal that Jake had a lady a list of ladies in line. (Apparently matchmaking isn’t our forte?)