Ilaria Urbinati

Celebrity Stylist; Co-owner, Confederacy. Los Angeles

While Ilaria Urbinati spends her days styling stars, her personal style is as noteworthy as her big-name clients. While sharing mementos from her wedding, the Confederacy co-owner confessed a love-of all things "equestrian chic" and an obsession with Southern blues. Her amazing 90s finds had us feeling nostalgic as we pored over back issues of Sassy and YM, and her 90210 box set had us itching to fire up Netflix. We bonded over a penchant for Proenza and Phi (R.I.P.), but it's her eye for vintage finds we envied most. Past scores have served as inspiration for the likes of Rebecca Minkoff, and she shared stories of stumbling upon vintage Armani and Oscar de la Renta for under twenty bucks a pop. We're going to need to tag along some time, Ilaria!