Harley Viera Newton

DJ. New York

Harley Viera-Newton is the girl we all envy. While she may be smart, beautiful, sincere, and talented - she also has a lust worthy closet that any girl would want to own. Her collection of jealousy inducing items certainly caught the eyes of The Coveteur, and when we ransacked her SoHo pad for her defining items, we were equally as pleased. Viera-Newton grew up in Los Angeles, and just recently, graduated from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She's made herself known as one of New York's top DJ's, spinning regularly at spots like Beatrice Inn (R.I.P), Avenue, the Jane Hotel, and Lit. Her effortless style and ultra-cool demeanor has been documented for quite sometime now, as she's been featured in American Vogue, Purple, Elle, Self Service and Jalouse. And to boot, Dior Beauty named Harley as their House DJ and Beauty Ambassador, where she puts together compilations based on the range of cosmetics before they are unveiled to the world. And as one of The Coveteur's favorite girls, she deserves her street-cred stamp of approval, as Roc Nation (Jay Z's music management label) has just signed Viera-Newton as one of their DJ's. Not bad for someone who simultaneously graduated with a double major with Honors in Egyptology and Social Science. Check out today's gallery, as we break down Harley's style - item by item.