Gaby Basora

Owner, Designer; Tucker by Gaby Basora. New York

Remember Amy Poehler in Mean Girls when she was all “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” That’s precisely how we feel about Tucker designer Gaby Basora, although she doesn’t need to say it to make us a believer. Throw her in one of her signature printed jumpsuits and wedges and watch her chase her three boys and monstrous-sized dog around her N.Y.C. abode to understand why.

“I wake up early and go to sleep late,” she told us. “Mornings include breakfast-making, lunch-making, coffee drinking, dog walking, teeth brushing, shoe tying, homework finding, outfit choosing, dressing and getting dressed. I love my kids so much. They are a huge source of happiness. The joy balances the responsibility and the responsibility drives certain choices. I don't separate being a mom and running a business. It is all part of my life. As a good friend said, ‘It all matters!’"

Basora breaks all the rules and stereotypes when it comes to being a mom; she definitely doesn’t do “mom jeans.” But it seems it’s all in her DNA: Her grandpa was a tailor from Russia, her mom went to the art institute in Chicago and we even found her grandmother's patchwork fur “from when she drove a Monte Carlo and sold real estate. Roller girl has nothing on this look!” Basora joked.

When it comes to clothing, Basora is the Queen Bee of prints: in fact, she’s even designed a Tucker shawl collar coat in “Bunches of Bumblebees” fabric. “As Diana Vreeland said, ‘Can you imagine a world without leopard?’”

Her home is filled with reupholstered chairs made from leftover Tucker fabric, too. “My husband says ‘fine is fine,’ and if a fabric is fine for making a beautiful dress it is most fine for a beautiful chair. If it looks good on the body, it looks good whence the body is set upon.” It's full of color, character and personality, sprinkled with art by noted artists, gifts from textile designer John Robshaw, pitchers, and serving trays from travels to Paris and London and other knick-knacks.

Basora’s contagious joie de vivre and wide grin (with her trademark Kate Moss gap) made us feel right at home. And, yes, she even put out a tray of milk and cookies.