Elisa Nalin

Stylist. Paris

We’ve always wondered about the secret to getting snapped by a streetstyle photog. “Streetstyle photographers look for prints. They look for some crazy shoes and they look for some chic/huge necklaces,” Miroslava Duma revealed to us.

“The streetstyle photographers are now quite spoiled but in a good way with attention,” Anya Ziourova told us. “Now you really need to impress the photographer because people like Anna Dello Russo raised the bar to be so extravagant. I feel like people started dressing a little bit more towards the extravagant and the look-at-me style. I think it’s about being bold and out there.”

While the Russian fash pack of Duma, Ziourova , Natasha Goldenberg, Lena Perminova, Nasiba Adilova and Ulyana Sergeenko have been dominating the scene lately, it seems the photogs’ lens have recently found their newest fixation: Elisa Nalin. The secret? Just look for the girl in the bold colors.

We caught up with the Parisian stylist during a recent trip to Paris and she was every bit as colorful, cheery and warm as you could imagine. We must say, we owe her a big thank you for finding time in her hectic Paris Fashion Week calendar to squeeze in a quick shoot with yours truly.

After getting acquainted with her mother (we now know where that flawless skin comes from) and son, Lucia, we got a tour of Nalin's space. To be honest, her home is more like a vintage boutique filled with racks upon racks of clothing. After browsing Nalin’s collection it became clear where this streetstyle star gets all of her inspiration for the unique looks she manages to pull together with ease.

It quickly brought back this comforting feeling of satisfaction of why we started this whole website in the first place. It’s one thing to see the “show outside the show,” but there’s something special about taking it one step further and seeing where it all begins: the closet. Getting a peek inside Nalin’s world and sifting through her impeccable collection of accessories, sunglasses and statement necklaces was almost like opening up the most intimate part of her brain. Watching her whimsical approach to dressing reminded us that fashion is not all about serious-with-sunglasses, no-smiles and go-get-my-Starbucks attitudes; you got to have fun with it.