Christophe Victoor

Creative Consultant & Journalist. Paris

You’ve probably seen snaps of Parisian-born and based journalist Christophe Victoor all over the web. He’s the one in the dramatic mountain hat, fancy neckerchief and whimsical ensemble. Victoor is highly immersed in the Parisian scene as a freelance journalist and creative consultant. He’s also the marketing/communications manager for Paris’s noted underground nightclub, Le Pompon, so if you’re looking for someone to show you around The City of Lights, Victoor is the go-to guy. Victoor was beyond gracious, welcoming us into his home in Le Marais and serving us a candle-lit spread of croissants and coffee. C’est magnifique! (He taught us all the French that we will ever need to know.) Jake’s job of shooting Victoor’s portrait was trés facile—that’s “very easy”—given that he’s posed for Terry Richardson numerous times.  No surprise that Victoor rocked his signature chapeau in the photo, though. Themed after 80s icon Malcolm McLaren, Victoor keeps his prized Worlds End hats displayed neatly (and colour-coordinated) along his wall. But it was Victoor’s quirky collection of Supreme collectibles that got us excited: boxing gloves, nunchucks (yes, nunchucks), skateboards, basketballs and even baseball bats. He almost gave past Coveteur Jake Davis a run for his money—keyword: almost. Victoor also had some great vintage finds: a CdG trench, which he wanted as a teen but couldn’t afford, a baby blue CdG blazer he wore to a wedding, an Hermès tie and a red-lapelled plaid Escada blazer.  The deeper we dug inside Victoor’s closet, the more we realized how great of an eye this kid had…and also the more we envied his girlfriend.