Chrissie Miller

Creative Director. New York

Going down to the Lower East Side, we arrived at Chrissie Miller's pad—yes, the famous Club Chrissie—which she shares with boyfriend Leo Fitzpatrick. The pair really are quintessential LES-ers, stubbing out their cigarettes to say hello, with Fitzpatrick darting out the door after welcoming us inside. Miller is seemingly BFF's with everyone, including Cov-alums Jen Brill  and Lesley Arfin, hence her HQ's 'Club' moniker. And while Miller's made some major changes, she has her envy-inducing posse to thank for her current gig, hosting her own series as a part of Pharrell William's i am OTHER called—you guessed it—Club Chrissie.

The couple's home is filled with amazing art, due in part to Fitzpatrick's circle of friends, which include Nate Lowman, with whom he co-owns the Home Alone Gallery in Tribeca. There's also a range of work by seminal downtown artists, like Dan Colen, Rob Pruitt and Larry Clark (fun fact: Fitzpatrick was the star of his Harmony Korine-penned film, Kids), as well as shots by Miller’s favorite, Richard Kern.

We talked about everything from what she wore to her first concert to Sophomore, Miller's recently-shuttered label (R.I.P!). Launched in 2007, Sophomore quickly became a staple in the closets of the downtown set, thanks in part to the label's Cass Bird-lensed lookbooks, which seemed to take on a life of their own. Miller's nostalgia for the 90's and fixation on teenagedom permeated the brand's youthful aesthetic—those Page SixSixSix tees, anyone?—and still shows in her personal style and decor.

Miller has a masterful eye for vintage. However, she mentioned that she's begun to gravitate towards preppier, more polished pieces and we like to thank Jenna Lyons' magic over at J. Crew.

While Miller may be in the midst of plotting her next move, we have a feeling the stars are on her side—did we mention her mom is Susan Miller, A.K.A Astrology Zone?