Cher Horowitz

High School Student/Professional Shopper. Los Angeles

We can’t tell you how many times a day we find ourselves quoting Clueless, the iconic 90s flick that taught us everything we know about Alaïa (“a totally important designer”), Calvin Klein and Billie Holiday (we love “him,” too, Cher!).
From her signature white CK slip to her legendary yellow plaid blazer/pleated skirt ensemble—complete with white knee-highs—we figured it is only fitting for Cher to officially become a Coveteur. The 90s gave us everything we still love today: plaid shirts, overalls, mood rings, sporty backpacks (or in Cher’s case, faux fur!), chokers and more, and we’ve been basking in the 90s revival on the runway. Here at The Coveteur, we’re all about showing the cyclical side of fashion. While re-watching Clueless last weekend (for the bazillionth time), we realized how au courant the fashion in Amy Heckerling’s film really is. It really seems like some designers have been spending Saturday nights on the couch watching their dusty, old Clueless VHS, too. The recent collections have definitely confirmed the comeback. From looks reminiscent of Cher’s pinstripe school girl look; the knee-high socks; and grungy plaids and collared shirts (because, really, when were they not layering a collared shirt under a sweater or vest in that movie?); And Calvin Klein, who continues to reinvent the classic silk slip season after season. While we cling to the nostalgia of the 90s, we move forward with the capability to shop all of Cher's sartorial looks below. Growing up, we envied Cher’s rotating closet (Cov-alum Sylvia Mantella
now has the real deal) and her "Dress Me" computer program (and now there’s an app for that!). Although the times have changed, it’s safe to say our generation has learned a lot from Cher: things like how to use the word “sporadically” correctly, and that Bosnia is in the Middle East…er, then again, we’d suggest you take most things Cher said with a grain of salt.