Cat Deeley

Two-Time Emmy-Nominated Host. Los Angeles

“I bought this Dior Homme jacket years ago,” Cat Deeley told us, holding up a varsity-meets-Sgt. Pepper's style number. “Five days after I bought it, before I'd ever worn it, Kanye West wore exactly the same jacket to perform at the Brit Awards, on stage with 500 bikini clad women, sprayed gold!” We ooh-ed and ah-ed over the pile of treasures on Deeley’s bed: A vintage Chloé lace dress (“If it looks a little CHANEL, it's because it's from one of Karl's collections,” she told us); a glittery number by her “fashion fairy godmother” friend, Matthew Williamson (“he supplies a fantastic frock and tells you NOT to be home at midnight”); and an amazing Gucci goat hair jacket, which slightly breaks Deeley’s respectable “rule of thumb” (“unless it's vintage or I can eat it, I don't wear it!”)...not to mention the racks and walk-in she had, too! Deeley is every bit as sweet as you can imagine her to be. Her English accent is a definite plus, but it’s her bubbly personality that shines through. The Emmy nominated host of "So You Think You Can Dance?" looked camera-ready as usual, and did her thing with Jake before flipping the switch on us. It was all 'Lights, camera, action' as we filmed for an episode of Deeley’s web series, “In The Dressing Room,” which has featured past guests like Mr. Fashion Fairy Godmother himself, Matthew Williamson. Deeley put us in the hot seat (and by hot seat, we mean the comfy confines of her art deco couch) for a fun one-on-one (actually make that one-on-two)! We chatted about fashion, social media and off-the record things, like…well, we’ll let you watch the full episode here
. We had a blast hanging with Deeley who was game for just about anything…even posing for a portrait in her beautiful bathtub. Now that is being Coveteur’d at its finest!