Brian Gluckstein

Interior Designer and CEO, Gluckstein Design Planning Inc. and GlucksteinHome Inc. Toronto

We caught up with our Canadian design guru—Mr. Brian Gluckstein—and Fashion Television (R.I.P.) came along for the ride to document the results. Gluckstein greeted us wearing his signature specs and then proceeded to give us the grand tour. Him being the principal designer of Gluckstein Design and Gluckstein Home, we knew that we were in for a treat—not to mention an education in Interiors 101. If you’ve ever been to The Four Seasons in Toronto or Palm Beach, you’ve seen his award-winning work. His knack for mixing timeless treasures with contemporary design is a constant in his projects, as well as within his own home. Once we got a glimpse inside Gluckstein’s immaculately-organized closet, we realized that it was an instant contender for “The Coveteur Awards.” From his colour-coordianted cashmere sweaters (B.G. swears by Tuscan-based brand, Cucinelli) to his camel-coloured shoes, Gluckstein’s closet was one that advocated organization and thoughtfulness. The last time we saw shirts that perfectly folded was at Banana Republic—oh, and inside Vogue’s Sara Brown’s closet. But there’s a method to his madness: Gluckstein’s (unofficial) “Guide to Footwear” illustrates three important rules: “Never wear the same pair two days in a row; polish them after every wear; and always use a shoe tree to re-block the shoe.” Got that, kids? (Pretty sure Tommy Hilfiger read that book a few times—his shoe closet followed every one of those guidelines.) Gluckstein guided us into his most sacred place: the bathroom—which was surrounded with holy bibles…er, books. Based on the belief that “…it’s the first room you go into and the last one before bed,” Gluckstein focuses on comfort and tranquility. He’s even got chair made of terrycloth for post-bath time lounging; can you say ‘amazing’?