Ben Watts

Photographer; Director. New York

Ben Watts’ home is a true extension of his personality – vibrant, fun and just a little bit out there. The décor was an interesting introduction to the closet - psychedelic-colored carpets, leopard print chairs and yellow and red-splattered walls were a good indication of what we were about to discover. There’s nothing we love more than a man who’s not afraid to infuse a jolt of electric color into his closet. And Mr. Ben Watts wears it all so well.You may recognize Watts’ last name; after all, his sister is Oscar-nominated actress, Naomi Watts. But don’t judge by that moniker. Watts is a renowned photographer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, including The New York Times, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. He regularly shoots for major clients like Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Apple, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, all the major record labels (Sony, Warner, Interscope), J.Crew, Gap and the list goes on.As if the numerous nods to the UK weren’t a total giveaway, Watts was born in London, raised in Australia and currently resides in NYC. Inspired first by the nightlife of Sydney and urban culture, the veteran photog has published multiple coffee table books. Our favourite? His first one, “Big Up,” which captures urban youth in a scrapbook-like journal. Watts is the go-to guy for celebrity portraits, too; he has shot everyone from Cov-legends, the Kardashians, for Glamour to Matt Damon for GQ. And we’ve got to say, even though they weren’t all “Ben Watts originals,” we were enamored with the portraits plastered on his kitchen walls. Uh, Snoop Dogg, anyone? His style is one part hip hop, one part hipster and one part Hugh Hefner.Watts has managed to transform his creative eye from behind the lens into his home and closet. It’s a quirky space filled with Notorious B.I.G. toys (that one actually belonged to his little gem, Ruby!), skateboards, skulls, boom boxes and neon tape. And when he’s needs an escape from the city, Watts heads out to his other home in Montauk, which is said to be like his NYC home, kicked up 10 notches. Coming soon to a Coveteur near you? Now, that’s Watts up!