Amy Verner

Style Reporter, Globe and Mail. Toronto

With Canada Day a few weeks away, what better way to pre-celebrate our Nation's big day than with an ode to one of Canada's brightest (and most respected talents)? Ladies and gents, you’re about to witness a homegrown genius who literally ignites every room she enters (and it’s not only due to her mixed patterns, wild glasses and quirky getups). Amy Verner is the journalist wunderkind of Toronto (now Paris!), scribing for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life and beyond. She hails from a family of creativity and personality - her sister Jane Apor owns local jewelry company J.Rox and her mother, the glamorous Anne Verner is the former trend and lifestyle director for our literary hub Indigo. Coming from a family of great style and glamorous goodies, Verner's one step ahead of the game with her "borrowing privileges", as evident from her family-owned Hermès Kelly bag. Stepping inside her former Toronto abode, Verner greeted us with colorful macarons as we played voyeurs through her Prada Mary Janes (does everyone see the creeper reference?) and tried on her vintage brooches. But with Verner, it all comes back to her family, as her apartment is adorned with gifts from loved ones, mementos of precious memories and hand me downs from perhaps Toronto’s best-kept source: Mother Verner. “The Hermès vest, CHANEL belt and Vuitton bag all came from the same source: Mom. Over time, she's given me some wonderful pieces. And at least they’re still in the family if she ever wants them back”.