Amanda Ross

Stylist. New York

Stylist Amanda Ross had a very—how do we put this?—‘fashionable exit’ from a very notable magazine. “This dress was a going away present from Alber and the PR team at Lanvin when I left Harper’s to move to L.A.,” she told us referring to her silk, off-white Lanvin dress. As the former Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar US, stylist Amanda Ross returned to her roots after a brief time in L.A. Known for both her sophisticated and refined eye, she’s back in the Big Apple and we knew we had to shoot her when we became aware that she was the Style Consultant for one of our all time favorite shows Lipstick Jungle, #RIP. She continues to work alongside celebrity clients like Mariska Hargitay, Vera Farmiga, Naomi Watts and... wait for it… Steve Martin! Ross was also named the Global Fashion Director to W Hotels (I guess we can thank her for our Veuve-induced hotel lobby shopping sprees) where she was responsible for creating Fashion Next, a program to support emerging designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. From her drool worthy Alessandro Dell’Aqua coat to her Naeem Khan dress encrusted with bird features and rhinestones, our style philosophy is pretty in sync with that of Ross, who told us, “I never met a CHANEL bag I didn’t like”. Amen to that!