Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr

At home with our favorite Texan. Dallas

Besides the whole “Everything is bigger in Texas,” there a few stereotypes everyone has about the "The Lone Star State." Turns out many are myths (not everyone there wears cowboy hats and boots, FYI) but some seem to ring true. Read: Big hair. Just ask Dallas’ most eligible bachelorette-turned-blogger, Courtney Kerr the one item she can’t live without and she’ll tell you hairspray. “Big Texas hair!”

Aside from her larger-than-life personality (no surprise Bravo swooped her up for a spinoff series) Kerr’s got a massive walk-in to hoard hold her collection of clothing and accessories. The self-confessed “Anal retentive organizational freak” is a master at organization. “Everything is categorized by style (dress, skirt, pant, shorts, tops, etc.) and then within that category there are subcategories of sleeve length (short to long) and color (light to dark). Recently, I ran out of closet space (#Courtney/#FashionBlogger Problems) so I converted my office into additional closet space (we now call it the "cloffice") by adding two rolling racks and some additional shoe storage. In the "cloffice" I keep my most recent purchases, items that need to be photographed for the blog, items that I want to wear for upcoming appearances, or sentimental pieces that I love to reminisce over (like my Mimi's full length fur coat that I was photographed by Bill Cunningham wearing during NYFW this past February!)”

We arrived at her home with plenty of pretty things in hand from THE OUTNET.COM and quickly got to work making artful alchemy. Kerr’s home, much like Judy Aldridge’s, is a well-curated mix of personal belongings and collectibles. In fact, she takes interiors way more seriously than her daily ensembles. “A girl can change her outfit everyday depending on her mood—but your home, which you have to live with and wake up to everyday, remains the same. Choosing home décor is tough for me because it's like choosing one outfit to stay in for months, or years, at a time. Little personal touches that I can refresh every so often, like pictures, or pillows, or flowers, give me some flexibility to change the décor each season. And much like my clothing, every home décor item I have purchased has a story and some sort of emotional connection for me.” We were totally all “OMG! WTF!” when we saw her adorable abbreviated “LOL” tray she found at Pottery Barn. Turns out she even bought one for her BFF…'cause that’s what friends are for, right?

Kerr played the quintessential host, too: putting out an assortment of snacks and champagne quickly winning us over and getting the key toThe Coveteur’s heart. After dressing her up in (wait for it!) a pair of Balmain pants, we switched it up with a beaded pair of wide-leg Cavallis. When in Texas, go big or go home!

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