Judy & Jane Aldridge

Judy & Jane Aldridge

Playing dress-up with the best-dressed mom and daughter duo.

If you've been keeping up with The Coveteur via Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook (phew!), you may have noticed that we recently took off on a little trip with THEOUTNET.COM, knocking on the doors and raiding the homes of Dallas and Houston's most objectively well-dressed.

While we'd already met with Sea of Shoes's Jane Aldridge a little while back during New York Fashion Week, we knew that her suitcase full of goodies—while certainly envy-inspiring—wouldn't quite measure up to the treasure trove of designer vintage surely awaiting us in Texas. And we of course wanted to finally meet her mom, Judy, because the apple never falls far from the well-dressed tree. We spent the afternoon discovering all the quirky knick knacks in Judy's incredible home, which was filled with the exact kind of luxe and offbeat tchotkes you'd expect from the pair. While Jane has talked about her mom's considerable influence and impact on her own style about a million times on her blog, Judy actually copped to taking equal inspiration from Jane's closet.

"Jane is always finding off-beat crazy websites where we find really unusual clothing, and maybe sometimes she'll have a cute look on and I'll try to copy it." Judy mentioned that while the pair hardly shops in real life anymore, she's also digitized her daily dress to a whole other degree: "In my iPhotos, I keep a collection of looks that I love and usually I reference that for inspiration. It's a lot easier than going through everything I have."

Jane explained that while her style seems anything but calculated, she actually sticks to a fairly familiar formula. "First thing in the morning I have to walk my dogs ASAP, and I grab the most random stuff. Today it was a leopard skirt from Target and a swimsuit with an anime chick on it, to be honest. But when I need to be presentable, I stick to the classic formula of jeans, pumps, and a great blouse." And though the Aldridges have become known for their high-meets-vintage-meets-where-on-earth-did-they-find-that look, they tie it all together with a few surprisingly basic staples. "We agree on the five things every girl should have are: an amazing pair of worn-in blue jeans, the perfect men's shirt, a great leather belt for jeans, a slubby grey tee, and pair of black pointy pumps." Note to self: add to your shopping cart...and be sure to check out!

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