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The Oscars... with Charlize Theron & Leslie Fremar

Getting Red Carpet Ready with Charlize Theron & Stylist Leslie Fremar. Los Angeles.

The Oscars... with Charlize Theron & Leslie Fremar

For some, there is nothing as important as finding out the answer to that famous, “What are you wearing?” question; but for us—being the fashion voyeurs we are—there is nothing more fascinating than finding out how those sartorial choices came to be. Very rarely does the general public get an exclusive sneak peek into the making of the red carpet hits that catapult some to the best dressed list…and some to face the panel of E! Fashion Police. (Looking at you, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos!) And so often we forget the tireless work of the magicians behind-the-seams: the celebrity stylist.

We’ve been longtime worshippers of Charlize Theron’s signature style, but we’ve got to give credit to the girl genius responsible for what we call “The Theron Aesthetic.” Meet: Leslie Fremar. While the Toronto-born stylist typically chooses to shy away from the spotlight, but we insisted on seeing her front-and-centre doing what she does best. Equipped with her iPhone, we sent Fremar on a mini-mission to document a day (make that three crazy days!) in the life as she went from Oscar fitting to fitting—without getting stuck in some serious L.A. traffic, of course—between Theron and Reese Witherspoon’s.

Her 90s blonde pixie cut aside (can we all collectively take a moment to just reflect on how insanely perfect that was?), we were infatuated with Theron’s Dior Haute Couture corset. (F.Y.I: Fremar and Theron spent the afternoon on Saturday debating between that one and a V-neck option; clearly they made the right decision!) After piling on the Harry Winston jewels—Theron wore a five-carat square emerald cut studs in each ear, a vintage 1959 diamond bracelet, a vintage 1959 lattice bracelet and Marquise diamond cuff—and slipping into a pair of Roger Vivier, her look was complete.

Fremar revealed every detail down to Theron’s little-known seam splitting situation. We know what you’re thinking: that poor Dior dress! But don’t worry; it was just in dress rehearsals, and all was resolved before showtime. Fremar spent most of the show running back and fourth between Theron and Witherspoon’s Oscar dressing rooms steaming dresses and doing wardrobe changes, but like a true stylist, she always puts her girls first. Not like we’re biased or anything, but we’re confident in declaring: “And the Oscar goes to…”


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