Stacy London

TV Host; Author; Co-Founder & Stylist-In-Chief of Style For Hire. New York

As devout watchers of What Not to Wear (our moms are major fans, too), we were a little starstruck stepping into Stacy London's Brooklyn digs. You can imagine our surprise when, while giving us the grand tour, London explained how she's "getting away from 'rules' in general"...say what? After first introducing us to her scene-stealing kitty, Al, she showed us her latest purchase (as in, from earlier that day): a new CHANEL from Bergdorf's, rendering her claim that her taste in 'It Bags' is a "little doofus-y" totally invalid.

And while London's digs seemed ultra-femme at first, a closer look revealed offbeat, kitschy tchotchkes, like her collection of toy dinosaurs and dragons, and amazing art, with "gritty" works by Nay and photog Kanako Sasaki. "Most people don’t like it. But I love it, so it stays put." We also caught her amazing Irving Penn print, a beloved memento from her time working with the late photographer at Vogue.

London shared her list of international shoe-shopping (and jewelry!) haunts, as well as her favorite shoe movie moment (Cher's post-shopping scene in Moonstruck). She filled us in on her latest ventures, including her latest book, The Truth About Style, and her collaboration with Sorrelli on a line of jewelry inspired by "Transformers for girls." We also learned about an important cause to London: "I have a private sale every year for friends and family. I sell clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, all for $40 each, and whatever I make I match and donate to the Animal Medical Hospital in New York City."

After chatting cocktails and BK watering holes, we had to wrap up our shoot with a round of muddled mojitos and a little kitchen karaoke to her then go-to, "Call Me Maybe." Ms. London, you're our kind of host.