Dr. Tina Alster’s Closet Contains a Jaw-Dropping Dior Collection

Plus a multi-paneled shoe wall to house even more fashion gems. Washington, DC.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

When we took a trip to D.C., we expected to meet a lot of politically active women (which we did, and they were impressive— meet them here, here, and here), and we expected to hear a lot about government in general, but we wanted a little bit of our usual glamorous fashion fare, too (can you blame us?), and for that we were advised to go to Dr. Tina Alster. We’ll put it this way: We were not prepared for what we found inside her very large, very beautiful Georgetown home. Namely, a woman whose wardrobe is filled almost entirely with Alaïa and Dior.

A little bit of background: Dr. Alster is a major dermatologist, most notably as a lecturing expert in the field of lasers (she calls herself the “laser queen,” which we kind of love). She also advised us on how to get our tired faces ready for HD TV, seeing as she renders poreless nearly every talking head in Washington (if you, too, are looking for flawless skin—who isn’t?—please, look no further). In other words, the woman is the epitome of successful, and she lives the good life with her husband in a gorgeous art- and Fornasetti-filled home she designed with architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. And her closet, well, let’s just say it’s XXL.

Of course, Dr. Alster herself has the personality to match a shoe wall that size (with a moving panel to fit even more shoes—a Coveteur first). “I hate being boring,” she told us straightaway. She’s about as far as it gets from boring—and she’s the kind of unapologetic, successful feminist we would love to be (just read the interview and you’ll see what we mean). Also, she loves fashion. As soon as we arrived, she started pulling out favorite pieces, from her signature Alaïa dresses and Dior handbags, to new favorites like Dries Van Noten shoes and Simone Rocha dresses. And when it comes to *rare* designer goodies, Dr. Alster has the mother lode: a white, oh-so-soft Dior jacket of which only a few were made. She only knows one other person who has it—Kim Kardashian. Again, not what we expected when we visited D.C.—but, clearly, meeting Dr. Alster was the most fitting outcome.