The 8 Most Versatile Backpacks We’re Buying This Season

When streetwear edge meets back-to-school chic.

By: Hannah Baxter

Sure, we might be just slightly too old to partake in the ritual of back-to-school shopping, but thanks to our friends at HYPEBAE, we’ve fallen back in of love with that most classic of accessories—the backpack. There’s honestly no better way to cart around an entire day’s worth of supplies (snacks, laptop, chargers, all of it non-negotiable) without destroying your shoulders. Designers have luckily heard our pleas for a chic *and* functional backpack, and the new fall releases have got us clicking “add to cart” lightning-fast. Up your streetwear game with eight of our favorite seasonal styles.

Head over to HYPEBAE to find out where to buy the eight best backpacks for fall.