Ruthie Friedlander Has the Ultimate New York Editor Closet

The InStyle site director sure likes her Chanel and The Row.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

First things first. The Cov fam and Ruthie Friedlander go way, way back—back to when Coveteur was a little tiny baby and when Friedlander was a digital media PR person at Chanel. It was Friedlander who first took us to Paris and opened our eyes to the magic that has been our longest relationships. Guys, men may come and go, but Chanel is forever.

Okay, we’re kidding (kind of), but it was Friedlander’s early days at the Haus of Karl, followed by a stint at The Row, another temple to good taste and elegance, that helped her on her way to what we knew would be a seriously excellent closet. We were not disappointed. Her Upper East Side apartment was rife with creamy sweaters, dresses, and bags from the aforementioned *major labels*, as well as a clutch of other designers—Brock Collection, Dior, Ellery. You know, the ones that make up the backbone of any big-time New York editor’s wardrobe.

Because now, after a stint at followed by a “break” at The Wall Group, Friedlander is site director at InStyle, where she joins a leadership team of some of our all-time favorites (Laura Brown, Sam Broekema, and Eric Wilson to name just a few). Click through the slideshow to find out about the jewelry designers Friedlander’s currently obsessed with, how she got into the habit of stealing tableware from fancy hotels and restaurants (seriously), and how she finally was able to prioritize balance while working in this industry (yes, we can talk about serious things, too).