Now You Can Shop Emily Schuman’s Life

Inside the home of the Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger. Bonus: You can buy pretty much everything in it.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Kate Hollowell

Here’s the honest truth: Were in the business of lifestyle envy. What we mean by that is that we know we’ve landed on a good one (a good closet, home, beauty or wellness routine), when we feel that little tinge while scrolling through someone’s feed. And we’re not going to lie, we got it when we first discovered Emily Schuman and her Cupcakes and Cashmere kingdom way, way back in the day when Coveteur was still a baby and Schuman had just published her book.

The thing with Schuman is that as soon as you meet her, any little green monsters immediately disappear. Truly (and we don’t use this expression lightly), she is down to earth. And really, it’s this quality that has made Cupcakes and Cashmere such a phenomenon—one that became a veritable empire as of late last week. As though Schuman’s entertaining and home fixes, style advice, and open and emotionally available conversations with her readers weren’t enough, now she’s gone and done the thing we’ve been secretly wishing she’d do all along: open a shopping platform. So now, with the Cupcakes and Cashmere Shop, you can actually get for yourself that adorable basket in which Schuman stores her toddler’s toys or that perfect pair of jeans she always happens to find.

Sure, we’re well aware that it takes more than objects to make your space look like the below, but we figured actually going inside Schuman’s home to see what she’s doing with all of her favorite things would be helpful. Consider her new shop your tool kit. Click through the pictures to get the instruction manual.

“The project came about a couple years ago as something that I wanted for myself in terms of a shopping experience. There were so many options out that I found it to be overwhelming. What was appealing to me is that it was like a good friend compiled all the good stuff that you need, and there aren’t a million options—just the best of the best. The niche that we’re trying to fill is that it’s a very curated selection—that was something I saw missing in the marketplace, especially someone with my aesthetic.”

“We’re going to have apparel, home, and gifts. They’re things I’ve always covered on my blog, but now you can just shop directly.”

“Putting the store together was a massive undertaking; it was by far the biggest project we’ve ever worked on. A lot of the things that I chose were things that I already loved and wanted to carry just because they were [a] natural fit, and some of them came from a need. For example, a few years ago, we hosted our first Thanksgiving, and we had such a hard time finding the exact servingware that I was looking for—something that didn’t feel too clean but wasn’t that out there. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on artisanal ceramics. I found these nesting bowls that are pretty much exactly what I wanted, and they have an artisanal feel at a really nice price point. That’s how we approached everything. I asked myself if they were things I’d want to wear, have in my home, or give as a gift to my friends.”

“I’ve done something like this for nine years on the blog; I’m a content creator, but also a curator of the internet—everything that I love that I hope my readers would love as well. Instead of sending them to all different places, I wanted a place that was one, beautiful, easy shopping experience. The fallacy of choice and having too many options isn’t always better—sometimes you just need the best of the best.”

“We’ll be carrying the Cupcakes and Cashmere line of clothing, lighting, and some bedding (primarily pillows to begin), but it’s a small selection. It’s important for me to work with other brands, as well, and up-and-coming designers that we can have on the site as well.”

“Meri Meri has always been one of my go-to brands. I’ve been buying their greeting cards, tags, Liberty of London plates, and cupcake liners for years—they make every day seem like a celebration. We have a really wonderful assortment of Meri Meri products, which will continue to grow.”

“Dress the Population is a fantastic occasion dress line that has really beautiful prints and lace detailing. They’re great for anything, whether it’s a bridal shower, a wedding, or a graduation, at an amazing price point.”

“Mother Denim is our exclusive denim partner for launch. It’s my favorite denim line. It’s an investment, but it makes so much sense to invest in a fantastic pair of jeans that you can wear with everything, instead of having six mediocre pairs.”

“I’m really excited about carrying Sockerbit. It’s a Swedish candy company that I discovered a few years ago in L.A. We recently brought up a picture that my husband snapped of me right when I walked into the store. I was so excited, and he was like, ‘Turn around!’ And I threw my arms up and had the biggest smile on my face—I really was a kid in a candy store. We’re working with them on selection of candies for the site.”

“Launching this store is quite similar to giving birth [laughs].”

“My décor style is clean and classic with fun touches. Over the years my style has drifted more towards clean lines and neutral pieces and obviously kid-friendly as well. I also appreciate space more. When I was younger I [was] into filling everything in, and now I like a little extra space to give the room space to breath.”

“With a kid, the main thing is you’re constantly cleaning up after a two-year-old—it’s a second full-time job. Most of our couches and rugs are dark to hide imperfections. I love the idea of a white couch, but it’s not a reality when you have a toddler. We’re careful, but we don’t have to be militant if she brings a smoothie to the coffee table. I never wanted to be too uptight about how we live our lives. And that applies to everything. I try to have everything feel lived-in and comfortable—those are the two most important things—while still making sure our home feels pretty and elevated. That’s a big part of why we wanted both home and apparel for our e-commerce. The way that you decorate your home is just as important as what you’re wearing.”

“I feel as though you can never have too many baskets in your life. This one is fantastic because it’s really large for either a ton of kids’ toys or blankets—any number of things. But I love that this one doesn’t feel too serious with the neon pom-poms. Also, if you aren’t using it, it flattens so you can store it really nicely.”

“I’m a color-coordinator with everything from paperclips to my bookshelf. It doesn’t always make for the easiest time grabbing [the] book that we need, but it looks really pretty.”

“Sloane has helped to dismantle this over the years, but we got the idea for the fireplace from a hotel room where we stayed on our honeymoon in Italy. From far away, it looks like there are tons of birch logs stacked in the fireplace, but really we cut them and adhered them to the wall. That was actually my husband’s first and last DIY project—he was cursing me for two days building that thing. He was outside sawing, gluing.”

“The Grey Malin photograph that’s hung over our couch is another accessory that’s a great way to add color without having to overcommit to anything. It’s easy to do, whether with a basic, a trey, a stack of books, a blanket. It’s a nice way to refresh a room without redoing the entire thing.”

“I’m big into little celebrations, while they’re actually something that should be celebrated like a birthday or an anniversary, or if it’s just a random Wednesday night. It’s how I live my life, so it’s only natural that I would have items that make it easier to celebrate. Even if you’re not making your own cake, you can add some pretty candles to it. If you’re eating outside and don’t want to eat on china, you can put things on Liberty of London printed plates and everything feels that much more elevated.”

“I bought these Meri Meri hats several years ago on my way to a friend’s birthday party at a restaurant in downtown L.A. I showed up with those hats, and it changed the entire mood of the party. Every girl couldn’t wait to get them on her head; we all looked absolutely ridiculous, but that’s kind of what it’s all about.”

“This jumpsuit is being sold on the site. It’s a great label called tktktk. It’s the closest you can get to comfy pajamas but still in a way that hugs in all the right places. If you’re running errands, you are comfortable but put together. Jumpsuits are such a great way to dress because they don’t feel as predictable as a dress, but it’s still one piece to throw on and you’re out the door.”

“This dress is part of my Cupcakes and Cashmere line. It’s something that I envision wearing outside for a barbecue or around the pool. It’s a lightweight, easy fabric. It’s a perfect piece for throwing on with slides.”

“These are all scarves. What I love about them is that they’re so versatile—you can tie them around your neck, around a bag, put them in your hair. Those are the kinds of accessories that I love because, for the most part, I have a pretty neutral palette of things that I wear. Much in the same way I do with my home, this was [so] I can keep things fresh without having to commit to an entire new wardrobe.”

“The jeans are Mother Denim. This t-shirt is actually a body suit that has a Tomboy feel. It’s really comfy—I’m all about a body suit just because it stays put. We have quite a few in the store, but this is one of my favs just because usually they’re so seductive, and this one has a playful feel.”

“With flowers I usually keep to one color palette. In spring I go toward sweeter colors like pink and purple. If I do a larger bouquet, I’ll have one color with multiple heights of flowers. It feels very natural to carry vases. All the vases here are carried on the site. Every Sunday I go to the farmers’ market and come home with a big armful of flowers. It made sense to have vases of different types. I was going for a vintage feel, with that artisanal look, at a really great price.”

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