On The Road

The Ultimate Best Friend Trip to Big Sur

Ace&jig’s designers show us the way.

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Laura Dart

While we’re all for tropical getaways and days spent rolling around in the sand (actually take me there RTFN please), there’s something to be said for a cozy vacation spent on misty cliffs or in a redwood forest. Doesn’t that sound terrific?

It certainly did to ace&jig designers Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, who packed up and headed to Big Sur after wrapping up their spring collection. It should also be noted that the sort of pattern-heavy, super-soft clothing the duo make is exactly what you’d want to wear while exploring Big Sur—meaning, their trip made for some incredible photos. Click through to see all the best spots to recharge in Big Sur.

“After the whirlwind of completing our ace&jig spring 17 collection, we took a much-needed hiatus on the remarkable California coastline of Big Sur. Before embarking on the textile creation process of our next season and leaving our chaotic and colorful studios behind, we met in this coastal town tucked into the jaw-dropping cliffs overlooking the grand Pacific. Packed densely with respite and redwoods, Big Sur offered us (Cary coming from Brooklyn, NY, and Jenna coming from Portland, OR) a much-needed getaway to get together. Some of our favorite spots shown here, shot by our friend Laura Dart.”

“Good morning, Big Sur!”

“Our favorite place to stay— Deetjen is a rustic historic inn built in the ‘30s.”

“Because first things first: a stop at the Big Sur Bakery, built in 1936 and still the local go-to.”

“Our standards: COFFEE. Hats are off to this all-too-important cup of joe and the delicious maple-glazed bacon croissants.”

“SO happy to be here!”

“Magical nook shrouded in greenery.”

“Uncontainable cacti on the fringes of Deetjen’s and all over the hills of Big Sur.”

“Day 2: Morning light in our cozy cabin at Deetjen’s.”

“Big Sur Glee Club!”

“Two redwood tree huggers.”

“Cary in ace&jig Spring 17 Clifton Top and super high-waisted Dancin Pant.”

“Any excuse to climb and strike a pose.”

“Roadhouse for lunch.”

“Spotted: dream house! A gorgeous A-frame spotted on our walk.”

“Climbing the steps up to Nepenthe for essential cliffside cocktails overlooking the coastline.”

“Jenna in ace&jig Spring 17 stellar pinafore dress.”

“Nepenthe little corner of paradise.”

“Cary in ace&jig Spring 17 Thompson Street Studio collab Hot Cross Tank, made of leftover textiles from the cutting-room floor.”

“A hazy California coastline sunset.”

“Supper splendor in Deetjen’s candlelit corner.”

“Every nook and cranny of Deetjen’s is filled with collectible antiques.”

“Last morning in Big Sur! This is the look of two people who don’t want to leave.”

“Where the mountains meet the sky.”

“Jenna is wearing our Pinafore Dress in Emerald. Cary is wearing our Milena Silvano Collaboration shearling collar coat and our Black Sampler Hot Cross Romper.”

“The coastal hillsides were all covered in these ferns, which stood out like fireworks against the deep green of the trees and the bold blue of the sky.”

“Julia Pfeiffer Burns State park and the brightest blue sea cove you can imagine.”

“Our thoughts continue to circle back to this beautiful place long after we’ve been gone.”

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On The Road


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