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If You Take One Trip This Year, Make It This One

Oaxaca, Mexico, is officially number one on our list of places to go this year, thanks to Coco Baudelle.

By: Emily Ramshaw

Oaxaca, the historical, artistically inclined Mexican town, is officially at the very top of our must-get-to-this-year list. First, the designers behind bag line Truss showed us the ins and outs of the region that’s become ground zero for their production. Then, Coco Baudelle, actress, model, and all-around dreamgirl, was invited to shoot Soludos’ new campaign in Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido and sent us all the pictures. Let’s just stay we’ve started a secret Pinboard and are booking our flights as soon as it’s financially possible.

“I’ve always dreamed of going to Oaxaca, Mexico. The land of mezcal, waves, and enchanting María Sabina. On the airplane I thought I was so lucky to do this for a living. I landed at sunset in the hazy town of Oaxaca City.

“A car took me and Angi, the photographer, to Hotel Azul, a serene design hotel where we were offered a shot of mezcal and slices of orange upon arrival. We had dinner on the rooftop of Casa Oaxaca. Without saying a word, a beautiful man came over to our table and started making pico de gallo in front of us, with a final touch of mezcal. The next day we started shooting early in the morning and later went to the famous meat market, where we fell in the trap of ordering everything and learned how big a kilogram of anything really is. It’s huge. We spent most of our time there shooting in the colorful streets and ended with a long drive to the top of the mountains to Hierve el Agua, a breathtaking natural hot spring and petrified waterfall.

“We then flew on a tiny plane to Puerto Escondido, where the desert meets the ocean. We stayed at Hotel Escondido, an hour away from the closest town. Each of us had our own little house with an infinity pool, denim robes, and a giant bed. The sun was shining so bright we could only shoot during a few hours in the day, leaving us plenty of time to dive into the 83-degree waves and order piña coladas. Puerto Escondido is a place where you come to breathe the salty air and take a step back. It’s a town for lovers, surfers, and people who came to share a piece of a dream with the rest of the world.”

Click through the gallery to see Baudelle’s market finds and the most important thing she brought on the trip.

“The view from my plane window landing in dusky Oaxaca.” Read More

“The entrance of Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo, where some of the work of late documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark is honored. We were lucky enough to be able to capture some campaign images in the peaceful garden.”Read More

“Behind the scenes: straw everything.” Read More

“Here I think I was telling the team I wasn’t going to let go of this outfit and sandals.” Read More

“A little break back at our hotel, Azul.” Read More

“This is Hierve el Agua, a natural hot spring on top of the mountains in Oaxaca. It took us hours driving on winding roads to get up there, but it was magical.” Read More

“Wearing a Mexican hand-sewn shirt from the market and the cutest little platform shoes by Soludos.”Read More

“The terrace at Hotel Casa Oaxaca.” Read More

“Early call time, walking in the sleepy streets. No one in Oaxaca is out before 11 AM! What a dream.”Read More

“We ran into this beautiful woman carrying tons of fresh flowers on the streets. She must have had hundreds of them, all wrapped up in newspaper and tied to a large piece of wood balanced on her shoulders. This is just a few of them.”Read More

“This is the little plane that took us to Puerto Escondido.” Read More

“The view from my seat, right behind the pilot.”Read More

“Ah, Hotel Escondido! Lost in the desert and far away from everything except the Pacific Ocean.”Read More

“I had my own infinity pool just a few feet away from my bed. Behind me you can see the little path that leads to the warm ocean.”Read More

“Each room had its own cool hats.”Read More

“Sunscreen is important.” Read More

“The restaurant also had an infinity pool so you can have guacamole and chips and swim at the same time.” Read More

“Our last sunset on the beach.” Read More

“That's a wrap! Soaking it up, wearing my favorite Staud crochet top.” Read More

“The last picture I took before getting in the car back to the airport.”Read More

Photos: Courtesy of Soludos/Angi Welsch

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