In 60 Seconds

4 Ways to Drink More Water in 60 Seconds

We’re going to make it easy for you. Promise.

By: Noah Lehava

Sure, water is the essence of life (and moisture is the essence of wetness...sorry, we had to). We know that we should be drinking lots of water—as in, our beverage choices should probably consist of something other than lattes, wine, and Diet Coke (quit the latter, like, right now). But, frankly, in order to reap the benefits of water (clearer skin, a more efficient metabolism, and less toxins, to name a few), you actually have to drink it—lots of it. And preferably in its purest form.

At the same time, we know—like, *really* know—that when we’re fully into our workday flow, a cup of coffee feels more critical than H2O and that downing eight glasses of water seems downright impossible once we get in the zone. But, guys, we’ve got you, as we always do. Here are four stealth ways to help you knock back more water throughout your day.



Get a Bigger Bottle

Upping the volume of your water vessel will: A) mean you have to make fewer trips to the tap—embrace the lazy; B) make it a hell of a lot easier to keep track of how many ounces you’ve consumed—math isn’t our forte, what can we say; C) motivate you to finish it all. Win, win, win.



Pick Tea Over Coffee

Caffeine, as much as it’s often our savior, also acts as a diuretic, which means you’re going to need even more water to counter dehydration. Instead, go for a cup of herbal tea.



Infuse It

H2O is bland—we get it. So change it up by adding some sliced cucumber (yeah, you’ll feel like you’re at a spa) for more flavor or lemon for a boost of vitamin C.



Better with Friends

Nothing’s more motivating than a little friendly competition. Make a pact with your colleagues or friends—we did it at TC HQ, and it totally worked!—to drink at least the recommended amount each day. Extra points for buying matching water jugs for your desk.