Everything You Missed at Topshop Unique's LFW Show

Vic Ceridono gave us access to her iPhone diary from the show, and trust us when we say that it’s full of gems.

By: Jodi Taylor

We could never get tired of the glamorous circus that is the backstage of a fashion show. The high energy, the beautiful clothing, the models being prepped—we’re all for it. Luckily for us (and you), Brazilian Vic Ceridono, shared with us her behind-the-scenes photos from this weekend's Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week so that we could get a first-hand look at all of the magic. From personalized pins to incredibly perfect oversized sweaters, the backstage vibe and show were everything we could have hoped for.

“Topshop is always one of the most sought after shows in London, as is access to their backstage. Busy is an understatement but it always has a great atmosphere—the coolest models of the season can be spotted wearing great makeup looks and having lots of fun.
“After watching Roland Mouret’s return to London, I rushed to the Topshop Showspace, which is back again at the Tate Modern museum—a little issue with the car made me slightly late, but it was all good in the end! I arrived just when the models were doing the run through, a great moment to wander around backstage, check which products are being used and see the face charts for makeup. From this I gathered the following: red lips and lots of straightened hair extensions were to be used.”
Back from watching the rehearsal, makeup artist Lynsey Alexander was ready to talk about the beauty looks of her first season heading the Topshop makeup team. “We went with this idea of leftover makeup, so all the elements have been done but broken down a little bit,” said Lynsey. “She’s got a lash, she’s got a lip, but it’s as if they applied it in the morning and this is maybe the day after. It’s this deconstructed beauty, with very sexy skin. Nothing too perfect, which is pretty hard for us to do as makeup artists, as we learn how to perfect! The lips are red but feathered out, to give the impression that she was kissing someone, and the lashes are clumpy.”
“Here’s how to learn the trick: apply mascara with the wand vertically, pushing lashes up, then pinch lashes together to give the effect that is not doll like but grittier.
“For hair, hairstylist Duffy went for super straight and flat-ironed strands, using extensions to add length to the girl’s natural hairs and trimmed the ends for a perfectly blunt cut. However, the many models with curly hair were left with their natural texture.
“From backstage to front row, the collection had a grungy vibe, including oversized pieces and some sexiness—especially seen with the final satin dresses and a real mix of textures. My favorite detail: pins customized with models names!”

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