Jahleel Weaver’s Closet Is Bursting with Silk and, of Course, Puma

The Jr. Creative Director of Fenty Corp also doubles as Rihanna’s stylist and is one hell of an inspiring guy. New York.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Leslie Kirchhoff

When you’re the junior creative director of Rihanna’s Fenty Corp, chances are pretty high that you’re a straight-up boss with an over-the-top amazing, driven personality, with a closet to match. Jahleel Weaver confirmed this was exactly the case when we visited his East Village apartment a few weeks ago. Stepping into his place, we were quick to notice the abundance of white roses and candles surrounding us, and when we realized that Weaver was sipping on white wine as he smoked a cigar, we confirmed our suspicions right away that he was a true Coveteur.

With a closet full of silk button-downs, and Puma sneakers on Puma sneakers (because, obviously), you could tell that Weaver likes to go about his life in a comfortable fashion. His wardrobe was beautifully edited, making our jobs a breeze. But then again, what did we expect from someone whose first styling gig was on the set of Italian Vogue alongside Cov-alum Rushka Bergman, styling Usher? Casual. Clearly, the man knows what he is doing in life. Weaver was full of good stories, from his days assisting stylist Mel Ottenberg, to planning *that* orange outfit that Rihanna wore to this past year’s OVO Fest, to how he landed his surreal dream gig.

You can always tell when you are in a creative’s home, and Weaver’s was no exception. His place was decorated in the best way possible, with skateboard decks (one that had even been converted into a coat rack), Hermès boxes, Fornasetti candles, a striking blue velvet couch, and some of the best Supreme knickknacks out there. His place was so stunning and inviting that we would have been more than happy to finish off our workday, sipping white wine, in the company of this humble and inspiring individual.

Click through the below gallery to find out where Weaver finds inspiration, and why Rihanna refers to him as broke-down Puff Daddy.