Pharrell and His Wife Just Welcomed Triplets

So we rounded up some chic baby gifts we think they'd enjoy.

By: Samantha Sutton

Pharrell and his wife have big news to share: theyve just welcomed triplets into their family! And while theyve likely stocked up on plenty of baby gear—especially if they saved items from their 8-year-old, Rocket Ayer—we simply couldnt help ourselves. We went ahead and went “shopping” for them.

Considering how stylish Pharrell is, we felt our *imaginary* gift options should be the same. Check out the chic stuff wed buy this growing family—if, you know, we actually knew them.

A ridiculously cute baby puffer coat.Read More

A comfy playmat.Read More

Teeny tiny joggers.Read More

A onesie that'll make you laugh.Read More

A statement-making hat (for taking after daddy).Read More

Tons of (adorably printed) diapers.Read More

A 3-pack of swaddling blankets.Read More

A sleek convertible chair.Read More

A bib that looks like a bandana.Read More

A picture book (that's secretly by Stephen King).Read More

Little newborn Adidas.Read More

Age blocks for future photos.Read More

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