Supreme & Louis Vuitton Just Dropped the Most Hyped Collab of 2017

The internet is freaking out about it, but you already knew that.

By: Noah Lehava

Were going to go ahead and call it right now: Supreme x Louis Vuitton is the most hyped collab of 2017. Its dropped (on social, that is—the real deal isn’t available until July 17th) for all of, what, a few hours and you’d be hard-pressed not to see it on your feed. From the oversized monogrammed denim jacket to the red Epi Keepall and Petite Mal red monogrammed cell phone case, and the more arbitrary items, like a dice holder on a chain and logo stunner shades, you’re about to see a whole lot more of it.  

Click through the below to see all the pieces. (Psst..we’ll be updating as more are published, so make sure to check back!) 


Main image by Nick Wooster