This Famous Ex-Boyfriend Is Now Modeling Underwear For Guess

Whoa there, Joe Jonas.

By: Samantha Sutton

It doesn't matter how long it's been since our breakup, if we ever do run into our ex again, we'd like them to feel a (teeny tiny) pang of regret. We're the one who got away; the successful, stylish person they totally missed out on. Petty? Ok, yeah. But we could be pettier. We could pull a Joe Jonas, modeling for Guess Underwear's Spring '17 campaign.

It might not be intentional, but everyone's favorite ex-boyfriend (reminder: he dated Gigi Hadid—who kicked off her career as a Guess model—Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato) looks a little like he's trying to show the ladies what they're missing. Oiled up, flashing airbrushed abs, and posing in his underwear on the most uncomfortable couch ever, it's quite the interesting combination. And no matter how much we’re into those ‘90s-style boxer-briefs, we can’t help but wonder about the reactions of all his ex-lovers. Taylor Swift isn’t the only person with a “long list."

The whole thing got us thinking, and wondering how Hollywood males get away with casual dating while females tend to get shamed. So we’re calling out some famous exes ahead. Perhaps some more oily underwear campaigns are in the near future.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake once admitted to Howard Stern that he'd only been in love twice, leaving us wondering who he could be talking about. With exes like Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, and Taylor Swift, there are plenty of options—and that's not even half of them. 

Justin Bieber

When we think Justin, we usually think Selena Gomez, but she was far from his only girlfriend. In 2016 alone, he rang in the year with Hailey Baldwin, chilled with Bronte Blampied, and had a fling with Sofia Richie. To top it all off, he also posted throwbacks of Selena on Instagram, sparking rumors he was trying to win her back.


We're all rah-rah J.Lo right now, but what about Rihanna? And remember when he was posting photos with Zoë Kravitz? How about those Nicki Minaj rumors? Anyone?

Calvin Harris

People were quick to judge Taylor Swift once the stars broke up, but Calvin actually met his ex through an ex, Ellie Goulding. And speaking of Ellie, he started dating Rita Ora only two months after they split. Seems like this guy moves on quick...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Perhaps Leo is the only guy who has sort of a "reputation" when it comes to relationships: he's constantly being linked to models and currently with Nina Agdal. But when does it stop being funny and cute? When will the media be like, "Uhh...WTF, Leo?" There doesn't seem to be any pressure on him to settle down.