How to Undo All Your Bad Habits

We’re still feeling the 2016 hangover. You?

By: Noah Lehava

You didn't ask for this, but here’s a puppy failing at resolutions. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about something that’s not as cute and fuzzy: our (and your) not-so-good habits. Habits that may or may not be out of our control—like, say, staying glued to your seat on a long-haul flight for upwards of 12 hours, or, for instance, gorging on one too many heaping piles of fries. Herein, the easy things we can do to undo (and *almost* cancel out) the bad habits we just can’t break.


If you’ve…
binged on Netflix’s OA in its entirety

Isometric Conditioning

It sounds like it requires waaayyy more effort than it actually takes, but isometric conditioning is a type of strength training that’s all about tensing your muscles without actually contracting them (like you do with a crunch or lunge), or moving your body whatsoever. Imagine working on your posture (slouching on the couch is no bueno) and getting abs without setting foot in a gym.


If you’ve…
been on back-to-back flights


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We don’t need to list off what pretzeling in economy does to the body. A loosening and deep-stretch yoga sequence is the proverbial undo button for any long-haul flight.


If you’ve…
overindulged on...everything


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Kore Fitness

There’s no way around it, if you’re feeling a greasy-food and sugar hangover, getting a high-intensity sweat session on with fast-paced and heart-palpitating moves (in intervals) is the best way to feel better fast.