New Year New You

The Wardrobe Essentials You Don’t Own Yet (But Need in 2017)

These are the closet additions you need to make the new year a great one.

By: Emily Ramshaw

Noting the business we’re in, how we feel has a lot to do with how we dress, and vice versa. Which is why, resolved to make 2017 far away better than last year, our fashion choices (read: armor) must fit as such. We believe that whatever it is we choose to wear will have an impact on how we feel, and, by proxy, what we do. With that in mind, these are the wardrobe additions we’re giving ourselves permission to invest in this month—if only because they’ll outfit us, at least for the first little bit, of our making good our 2017 mission—from the basic, absolute must-haves, to the extra-extra all-empowering sartorial icing on the cake. Think of the below pieces as your Superwoman uniforms.