On The Road

Cynthia Rowley Doesn’t Like to Plan

When in Rome...

By: Laurel Pantin

When we met designer Cynthia Rowley’s husband, Bill Powers, recently, we noted his seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. But now we’re starting to see that trait also applies to his wife, the endlessly chic brain behind her eponymous line (and those so-cute-they-make-us-want-to-learn-to-surf wet suits).

Rowley generously offered to bring us along on her recent family trip to Rome, and we happily obliged. If there’s anyone who knows how to travel well, it’s this family. Between visiting Trevi Fountain and sipping Limoncello, it’s safe to say we have full-on FOMO.

The Italians have a term for wet-on-wet painting called alla prima, which literally means ‘at first attempt.’ While the term describes a painter layering one coat over the next before either has a chance to dry, I like to apply it to my vacation travels,” she says. “In my version, you check into your chic boutique hotel—this gem, the Palazzo Dama, was recommended by Mr & Mrs Smith, and is set alongside the Tiber River—you take a walk to the Spanish Steps before the bellboy has a chance to bring up your bags, then you dine at Julian Schnabels favorite Roman hideaway before catching the last train to Naples. Some travelers might call this scheduling hectic, but I prefer to think of it as on-the-road alla prima, where one memory colors the flavor of the next adventure.

Click through to see everything they did, everywhere they went, and everything they ate in Rome.

Buongiorno, Roma! One of the only swimming pools in the middle of the city.”

“Modern glamour at Palazzo Dama.”

“Staying cozy while seeing the sights at the Pantheon.”

“Make a wish at Trevi Fountain!”

“Nine chandeliers from the old Plaza hotel all clustered together in the Dama bar.”

“A magical little jewelry store we stumbled upon called Fabio Piccioni.”

“Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne at the Museum Borghese… Epic!”

“Our friend Julian recommended his favorite restaurant in Rome, Taverna del Fiori Imperiali. Here I am with Alessio, the owner, my new BFF.”

“Look at the doorway behind Gigi!... Grrr.”

“This bookbinder shop made me feel like I was in a fairy tale. The Monti neighborhood has tons of beautiful tiny shops filled with Roman treasures.”

Benvenuto in casa mia… I wish! At the Sistine Hall of the Vatican Library.”

“12 heads are better than one!”

“Kit rolling into Piazza del Popolo.”

“Where to next?”

“When God gives you lemons, make Limoncello! So delicious and refreshing (and potent!) served freezing-cold after every meal.”

“The streets of Pompeii.”

“Uh oh! Sexy Pompeii! Almost perfectly preserved frescoes in the ancient house of ill repute.”

“Ciao! Fancy seeing you here!”

Arrivederci, Roma! We’ll be back!”

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