Will Welch

Editor-in-Chief, GQ Style. New York.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Men’s style fans, this one’s for you. To celebrate the GQ Style website launching today (yay!) we had to sit down with Will Welch, their Editor-in-Chief. But if you thought Welch would be all dapper suits and pocket squares, you’d be sorely mistaken.

The Condé Nast veteran (of nine years!) lives not in Brooklyn, or Manhattan (as one might expect), opting instead for Dobbs Ferry, New York—a town about an hour outside the city—where he lives with his wife, Heidi Smith, who is an integrative and flower essence therapist, and their two cats. And aside from crystals, flowers, and spiritual books, he fills his home with Kanye tour merch (gifted from Kanye himself, naturally), black boots, and Clarks. His uniform of choice, “the editor version of a lab coat,” is all black, and though he’s now helming one of the most exciting menswear resources, he prefers to feel like he’s not “fully participatory” in fashion. All this, while remaining obsessively focused on the magazine.

In a time when nearly everything you hear about print media is sad (RIP so many magazines we loved), Welch is working to preserve print media in the digital-age with GQ’s spinoff GQ Style. And if you thought that might not be the wisest strategic move, you haven’t heard how committed Welch is to the cause. “What I’m striving for is that [GQ Style] arrives in a guy’s mailbox and goes straight into his backpack or briefcase and then onto his coffee table. And then when the new one arrives, it goes to the bookshelf. That’s what we’re hoping for. We hope we can get there.”



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