The Party

And after the party, there’s the afterparty.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Taking a few (well-earned) moments to themselves as official husband and wife (!), Andi and Jordan came back to a party that had, well, already started. The moment they made their grand entrance, though, lets just say things just turned up a zenith of notches: Andi had changed into her cowboy boots in forecast for all the dancing she was about to do, bridesmaids spontaneously broke out into hug huddles with friends Elizabeth Olsen and Brian Atwood, and the live band turned to DJ. Fast forward a quick (temporary) change into a silky lilac slip dress, which only made her and Jordan’s rendition of the Flash Dance scene (yes, that one) a little, uh, more wardrobe appropriate. The night roared on as guests spontaneously appeared in sequin getups by OMONDI (as you do), with partying and dancing continuing until the break of dawn. And then some.