The Broke Girls' Guide to Working Out

6 budget fitness options; because not all of us have Tracy Anderson on speed dial.

We can think of a lot of reasons why we won’t make it to the gym this week.

For one, it’s just too nice out (the snow has finally melted, guys!); we have about two weeks worth of laundry beckoning us (it’s as valid an excuse as any, right?); a spontaneous-yet-extremely-mild case of nausea — likely just a bout of gymtimidation nerves. Hands up emoji if you feel us!

Aside from all the aforementioned excuses, there is an unwavering one on our minds: budget. The struggle is real, guys—for most of us, a regular personal trainer isn’t really in our fiscal plan. But we're nothing if not resourceful—and as if we'd let our very responsible and adult financial foresight come between us and breaking a little sweat. And since we’re all for doing our research, we found a whole slew of rent-friendly fitness options for the not-so-financially-inclined.


Think of this as the Uber of gym memberships because, guys, this might as well take the place of your monogamous relationship with your gym. For a monthly stipend, you get to dabble in hundreds of group fitness classes in your area. Just open the app, search the type of class you want to sweat in that day, and book your spot. Easy, eh? The best part is that you can choose a class based on your locale that day. Convenient, we think so. And since we’re all for testing the waters (sort of speak), choosing a new workout each week is kind of our thing.

PRICE TAG: $70-$90/month depending on your commitment.



You know that Netflix addiction you’ve been nurturing for some time now? Yeah, that one. Well, you may just form a similar relationship with Yogaglo, the seriously awesome on-demand streaming for all your Vinyasa needs. We mean, the fact that no one has to witness our awkward first attempts at body contortions, we might actually master the crow. Oh, and if meditation is something you’ve been meaning to try, there are tons of guided classes.

PRICE TAG: $18/month


Ballet Beautiful Livestream

By now you’ve probably realized that when we grow up, we want to be ballerinas—and no, it’s not just for the pretty clothes. Let’s be real, that’s probably not going to happen. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to dabble in some point. And who better to show us than the woman behind everyone’s little known ballet obsession, Mary Helen Bowers, who just so happened to train Natalie Portman for Black Swan.

PRICE TAG: $40/month.



Oprah’s done it. Madonna’s done it. Dita Von Teese's done it. Okay, so maybe they haven’t exactly streamed at home (although we can’t say with certainty), but their personal Pilates instructors are literally at your fingertips here. It’s kinda like a Pilates concierge; choose your language (you know, if you feel like doing it in Spanish); duration (from 5min-120), depending on your willpower; level; and your equipment (because a reformer doesn’t really go well with our Eames chair, just sayin’.

PRICE TAG: $19/year


BeFIT Youtube channel

Guys, this one is free. Did you hear us? FREE. It doesn’t really get much better than this. With 1.5 million subscribers and some seriously famous trainers on its roster—you know, like, Jane Fonda (bow down), Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks Jr. (of early 2000s infomercial fame)—BeFIT’s channel is kinda a workout haven. And... it’s free. But we mentioned that already.



Tracy Anderson Method Livestream

Okay, so this is by no means our cheapest option. But if it’ll get us closer to looking the Gwyneth, it’s a total steal, right?

PRICE TAG: $450/6 months

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