Natalie Joos

Casting Agent; Fashion Consultant. New York

Because the anointed street style stars are at their very best during Paris Fashion Week (it must be something about the light in the Tuileries), this week we're celebrating the clique's crème de la crème by revisiting the closets of some favorite Coveteurs who always make Tommy Ton's shots.

We’ve been long followers of the style choices of Natalie Joos, one of New York City’s finest Casting Directors. From Tommy Ton to Scott Schuman, her vintage-inspired ensembles have been documented in countless fashion blogs to date (we will never forget when she was snapped outside of Milk Studios in mid-conversation with ADR rocking dainty ankle socks). Born and raised in Belgium, Joos began her career working as a personal assistant to Glenn O’Brien (dudes, go get his book), and later became the studio manager for photographer Craig McDean. But then, in 2003, she jumped ship and set up her own shop, lending her education in famous faces to the runways and presentations of Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang and Philip Lim. She’s also become iconic for her unique sense of style, housing a vintage collection that rivals that of both Decades and Resurrection. But since her move from Belgium to NYC, her style has gradually become more “Americanized”. “I like the preppy, Americana look. Since I moved from Belgium to New York I feel I have been the victim of slow but steady Americanization. And after living in NY for over thirteen years it’s only natural I am influenced by brands like Ralph Lauren or J.Crew” states Joos. And with her latest venture, Tales of Endearment (her blog which she launched last year), Joos, like The Coveteur, has been peeping inside the closets of some of today’s fashionable startlets—but always incorporating a vintage spin. She’s been continuing her work with Mark Fast (we love a Canadian), and each season, she gets to order a new main collection dress. Lucky girl. Currently en route, a baby blue fringe dress. If only we got to shoot that…


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