Rumi Neely's 5 Favorites

A (fashion) toast to the things she can't live without.

Our daily blog hit list is forever in flux, but if there’s one we’ll forever be absentmindedly entering into our address bar, it’s  Rumi Neely’s Fashion Toast. You know it’s a problem when you type the letter “F” and its URL appears before Facebook. And we call ourselves millennials. 

If the waifish wanderer’s travel diaries haven’t made you want to drop everything and fly to Morocco (or Sydney. Or Stockholm. Or her kitchen table, for that matter), her seemingly infinite wardrobe, I-woke-up-like-this complexion and surf-spray-ad waves will have certainly awoken your green-eyed monster. 

We asked Rumi for five things she can’t live without. (Granted, more for our own benefit. But we’ll share the wealth.)

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