Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

August's Most Coveted

Everything we want right now.

Alright, alright, don’t get your culottes in a knot—summer ain’t over yet. 

You may already be grieving beach-patio-festival-repeat season. We get it. But trust us, there are enough reasons why August is, like, totally the new June to fill a hefty Buzzfeed list. 

You’ve managed to absorb some sun (or at least managed to paint some on). You can still wear white without breaching the Labor Day adage. Your boss is probably away on vacation. And, if your bipolar fashion preferences are anything like ours, summer-fall hybrid weather (bikini one day, still-unscathed ankle boots the next) is a definite plus. 

Here’s what we’ve been coveting, craving and collecting this month.


 -Chelsey Burnside

The Paddington may have been our high-school sweetheart, the Rocco our college crush, and the PS1 our first-job fling, but trust us, one look at the woven-handled, jewel-toned, whimsically designed Paula Cademartori totes, and we were ready to settle down. From crisp color-blocking with 3D details to polychrome prints with heavy-duty hardware, we’ll be the first to say it—mama’s got a brand new it-bag. Make that plural.

Meet the midi-skirt’s androgynous cousin. Cropped to the calf with an easy-breezy silhouette, the culotte trouser cinches at the waist and billows out into isosceles wide-legs—and yet somehow paired with a chunky heel and fitted top still manages to be, dare we say, flattering. We can hear the Man Repeller slow-clap of approval from here. 

Remember that circa-‘92 Calvin Klein ad—the one with a discreetly topless Kate Moss straddling an equally clothed Mark Wahlberg, with the white band of their CK briefs peeking out of their jeans? Yeah, our tween selves had it taped up in our lockers too (scandalous). Needless to say, the CK Jeans reboot on My Theresa had our middle-schooler hearts palpitating with nostalgic elation. Those giant serifs. The unapologetically high waistlines. The short-sleeved hoodies. THE DUNGAREES.

It’s official—we’re in the dog days of summer polish. Time to retire the corals and tangerines to the bottom drawer in favor of earthy tones, muddy beiges and grayscale nails (they make for a surprisingly elegant neutral. Hey, if Michelle Obama can rock ‘em at the Democratic National Convention, you can try ditching the oxblood just this once, right?

So they may look like Jim Henson originals, but who wouldn’t want to tuck a clutch resembling Big Bird’s offspring under an arm, or be enveloped in fuzzy frock when the air dips a few degrees? While we’re all for au naturel shades when the mercury drops, this month we’ve been making our favorite furs summer-worthy with highlighter neons and chunky stripes. And there’s always the option for faux-fur here, people, let’s keep things PETA-13. 

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