Craig Redman

Craig Redman

Artist, Illustrator. New York

We blame the whole thing on Erika Cohen—also known as the co-owner and founder of our makeshift home-away-from-home while in Miami, Alchemist (if our abode was housed inside an enormous parking garage filled with dreamy Rick Owens and Givenchy, that is). While we'd come face-to-face with his work before, it was there that we experienced our very first full-blown Craig Redman fangirl (trust us, there are many) in the form of Cohen herself. “We bought these at Colette for their 15th anniversary. Sarah [Andelman] commissioned Craig [of Darcel Disappoints] to do everyone—from designers to bloggers to editors. We bought our three favorites, the 3 Rs—Rick Owens, Riccardo Tisci, and Richard Stark [of] Chrome Hearts,” Cohen said while pointing out a triptych of designer caricatures Redman has custom-made for her. When upon our return home, we spotted a pair of Le Specs + Craig & Karl sunnies (and promptly placed them into our digital shopping cart, because, like, duh), we figured it was kind of only a matter of time before we found ourselves in Redman's home.

Not to humblebrag or anything, but a few weeks later we literally found ourselves just there (BRB—calling TLC, because we're basically the new Long Island Medium). Redman welcomed us into his Greenwich walk-up, clad in striped APC, Acne and a pair of Vans—not that we would expect anything less, of course. After showing us around, we got right down to digging through his closet while Redman sat at the kitchen table with an assignment of his own: sketching us up a Darcel to call our own while we got to work.

As we made our way through his wardrobe, we dug up everything from all-over floral print Raf Simons button-downs to Marni kicks (trust us when we say this man's sneaks are next level) and even a Dis Magazine x Korakrit Arunanondchai sweatshirt. But we mean, what else would you expect from one-half of the duo whose worked with everyone from LVMH to Google, Nike, Apple and just about every other company ever name-dropped in a Kanye West rant?


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