Sally Singer's 5 Favorite Things

If a pair of Repettos and some Argan oil will make us more like her, we’re totally down.

We’ve already admitted to our fixation with the one and only Sally Singer. We mean, when it comes to professional idols, there aren’t many that come close to's Creative Director, so much so that when we’re stumped by work-related challenges, 'What Would Sally Singer Do?' has become a bit of a mantra. So, WWSSD, you guys? Or, in this case, WDSSL: what does Sally love? Because as nuanced and OMG-we-wish-we-thought-of-that-first her work is, those little telltale items that are so Sally are just as perfectly unexpected. When all is said and done, there’s no doubting that this Chelsea Hotel-dwelling, Manhattan-bicycle riding editor knows a thing or two.

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