One Thing You Don't Know About Me: Nick Wooster

The silver street style fox on his childhood My Strange Addiction.

We've been itching to interview Mr. Nickelson Wooster since The Coveteur opened its virtual door(s). He's a man whose coif often defies gravity, whose salt-and-pepper stubble has sprinkled the pages of every street style blog ever, and who has no qualms about donning a fluffy fur headdress of Carmen Miranda proportions. Our reaction when we were finally able to turn our lens on the renaissance man of fashion?  

Four words: F*** yeah, Nick Wooster. 

From the sculpted silver swath atop his head, to the intricate ink creeping down from his cuffed sleeves, right down to his scuff-free brogues, Wooster is impeccable top-to-toe. So it wouldn't be a total spoiler alert to tell you his childhood My Strange Addiction was also, well...spotless. Care to venture a guess?


 —Chelsey Burnside

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