Quentin Jones: The Coveteur x Mercedes-Benz Part II


By: Emily Ramshaw

As you may have heard, we’ve been slightly obsessed with the work of Quentin Jones for a while. We mean, when your clients range from Smythson to CHANEL and you’re digitally manipulating the face of the one and only Jourdan Dunn, you’re somewhat hard to ignore. But Jones’ seemingly Tumblr-ready, Internet age-y collage art is all the more striking in person, because no matter how many GIFs might be involved once it’s online, all the handiwork is just that: done by hand. Let’s just say we were more than a little psyched to sit in at her studio with the folks over at Mercedes-Benz to watch her work and chitchat about all things fashion.

Once we saw what she was working with (think: black and white reproductions of iconic photography mashed with black ink drawings and abstract patterns), we weren’t surprised to see that her favorite fashion pieces reflect the same expressive-graphic principles. Take her bespoke blazer, worn to her Smythson collabo opening, done in a kaleidoscopic print in—you guessed it—black and white. Maybe a little more surprising? The sentimentality Jones associates with her can’t-live-without-them pieces. It was then that we knew the artist was a girl after our own heart—there’s nothing like a seriously stunning (and sparkly) family heirloom to make our hearts skip a beat (or two). But you should really click play to hear about that, ‘cause honestly? She tells it best.

Film directed by Matt Black

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