One Thing You Don't Know About Me: Leaf Greener


If there’s one thing we can totally get behind, it’s a fashion editor who’s into more than just Master Cleanses and kale salads (dressing on the side, duh). Enter the eternally bubbly and effortlessly chic Leaf Greener. We caught up with the ELLE China editor (and her perfectly trimmed bangs—girl must be using a laser-level, right?!) at her London hotel, where we simultaneously snapped and gawked over her trunks of not-yet-in-stores Acne and Dior and her collection of Ghesquière-era Balenciaga, but not before getting into the good stuff: gossip. 

Of course, no closet shoot is complete without a bonafide bonding session, which, in this case, was avec a glass (or three) of champagne courtesy of Greener herself. In between the whole A/S/L thing (AOL throwback, anybody? Just us?) we got down to chatting about our guiltiest pleasures. And as it turns out, the svelte editor in the architectural Tata Naka dress just so happens to love herself a little KFC midnight snack. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Because if you don’t know, now you do: the secret to total street style domination and, let’s be honest, absolutely glowing skin is evidently a bucket of KFC hot wings (at 9 P.M., no less).

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