Lessons In Self Love

Dear Secret Admirer...

Everything we want—and need—for Valentine’s Day.

We know, we know. But forget the impossibility of securing a restaurant reservation, like, anywhere, gnawing existential angst, deluge of Bruno Mars ballads and that one eye-roll-worthy officemate who makes a big show of getting their annual flower delivery for a second. As even the indelibly shacked-up among us roll their eyes as February 14th creeps up their iCal, let's collectively agree to actually appreciate V-Day for its potential as an excuse to unabashedly go forth and treat. yo. self. 


We've already delved into the importance of investing in good lingerie, if not only to look and feel good in, but at the very least to serve as an essential base layer, crucial to all manner of confidence boosts. That said, there's similarly no better holiday to serve as a reminder that, yes, occasionally you do need to plunk your pennies on something entirely indulgent once in a while. And so we've compiled the very best of everything that we want right now—pink-and-red palettes notwithstanding—to go ahead and pull the trigger on when even the mere mention of non-platonic love has you wanting to mainline cinnamon hearts and Sancerre until the point of collapse. 

First up? In the spirit of whole-heartedly embracing that ubiquitous shade of cotton-candy-Carven-coat-pink that's everything we want to be swaddled in for the next six months, we're thinking pink. Enter magenta Charlotte Olympia platforms with little candy heart ankle-straps, a sturdy boss-lady Saint Laurent tote and bejewelled Manolo Blahnik flats. Oh, and a lacy little somethin' somethin' from Fleur du Mal

In the interest of gettin' thematic with it, we're wishlisting February 14th-appropriate Charlotte Olympia clutches in the form of Gummi Bears and candy hearts, a love-gram in the form of a heart-shaped Lanvin necklace and YSL gloss with a lip-shaped applicator. 

As for the not currently coupled-up? In our eyes, flying solo is sort of all the more reason to skip the completely lame 50 Shades of Grey references and

uh, get your freak on.  Make like Beyoncé and Jay Z and drop $6000 at Babeland, or, more likely, dip your toe into the pond with a black leather bustier, lace eye mask, peek-a-boo cage bra, leather whips and gold handcuffs from Kiki de Montparnasse. Kiki's widely-loved (and Cov-alum favorite) pillowcases are likely more than enough to, ahem, get the message across. Pop some bottle of rosé Veuve or Hanson of Sonoma vodka (if you're more of the "gluten free, organic" type) and pray to Cupid that by some sort of Valentine's miracle your secret admirer actually sends something good this year. 

And if no elaborate bouquet or candy gram arrives at your door, there's no shame in making a box of pepperoni pizza and a re-run of Sex and the City your Valentine instead. 

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