All We Want for Christmukkah is...

...A Donatella (and Drake!) approved brand new bag (or two).

At TC HQ, we're exceptionally big believers in a time-honored tradition of treating one's self (or colloquially, #TREATYOSELF); with the holiday season ramping up and your lists of names 'to-buy' for getting longer by the minute, we firmly maintain that it's imperative not to forget about yourself, too. 

In fact, in these times, we like to employ the old adage—WWDD—what would Donatella do? And we unequivocally believe that when the going gets tough, our girl Donatella gets shopping. We can only assume that she has a seemingly endless calendar being eaten up by holiday parties where adult beverages will be plentiful and exes will almost definitely be in attendance. 

The fix comes courtesy of Versace. Given that we can anticipate the inevitable little-spangly-sequin-party-dress-ennui, we're in collective agreeance that the best fix is an ensemble-making handbag that you won't spot nesting on the crook of the arm of every other girl at the party. Your best bet? A true cherry red tote with quilting and embellishments meant to embody Donatella's 'Vunk' attitude—that would be Versace's take on punk, duh. Sling the metallic chain-strap with even the most buttoned-up of little black dresses and we dare you to not add a little Naomi-infused sashay into your walk. Oh, and speaking of the talented Ms. Campbell... Take one look at the sleeker, more timeless bag in classic black with gold hardware. Is it just us or do you not instantly envision her on a champagne-fuelled yacht in the late '90s?  We recommend pairing with a semi-matte ruby red lip, slept-in, messy hair and a thigh-baring, spangly dress—the Holy Trinity (Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, duh) would totally approve.

Let's just say if we came home to a couple of these sitting underneath our Christmas tree, we would straight up drop the, "you-shouldn't-have!" routine and send our thanks to Donatella. After all, 'tis the season, no?

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