Götz Offergeld

Publisher. Berlin

“My grandma always knotted my grandpa's tie. She was the one who taught me how to do it when I was 10-years-old,” stylist-turned-Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Intersection and L'Officiel Hommes, Götz Offergeld  told us.

Offergeld is a true proponent of quality and classics. The very dapper Berlin-based, boy-about-town schooled us in the art of dressing. His staples? “Every man should have a navy blue and black suit, as well as jeans, a white shirt, a blue and a black tie, a white pocket square, and also a pair of dark brown and black shoes.” And, yes, Offergeld’s closet checks off all those boxes. With an extensive background in the world of fashion – he was the head stylist of MTV Central, managing director of Totem Berlin, founder of Liebling and Fräulein magazines and a freelance stylist (quite the mouthful, no?) – Offergeld’s got an aesthetic like no other. “What I prefer is a mix out of streetwear and high fashion,” he confessed.

We first caught up with Offergeld at Soho House just after he touched down in Berlin from an extended work trip in New York. We must say, he was looking fresh as ever. After some coffee, cake and a quick chat, he got the royal treatment of being custom fitted by the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored team. We quickly got to work rummaging through his things: A David Bowie poster, digital-printed skate deck and, of course, his fancy sock collection. We’ll put it out there and say that the man knows how to wear a suit better than most, but it’s his whimsical way of adding a touch of personality in the form of colorful socks that made us envy him.

And whether he’s sipping on a gin and tonic or Hendrick's with fresh cucumber come summer, you can always spot Offergeld in a crowded bar: just look for the one in the perfectly fitted navy suit and printed socks peeking out.