Candice Lake

Photographer; Style Editor at Vogue Australia. New York

“I learned pretty early on that nothing just falls in your lap... you have to make it happen and take advantage of any opportunities you've been given,” photographer Candice Lake told us. “I always say: Listen to your gut instinct, take risks, don't take no for an answer and work your butt off doing something you love.”

Forget the whole, “Good things come to those who wait” mentality and take Lake as a case study in perseverance. Although art school was the ideal, Lake ended up at law school (where she was probably the Elle Woods of her class) and quickly started working the runway circuit for Louis Vuitton, Fendi and CHANEL. Needless to say, “The idea of a corner office as a lawyer went out the window!” It wasn’t until she jumped behind the lens on set of a Harper’s Bazaar shoot that Lake learned the ropes of the photog world and you can say the rest is history.

“I love finding the girl on the street whose hair is dyed bright pink, orange and blue, who’s maybe wearing a one-of-a-kind safety-pin-embellished denim jacket paired with a designer item she saved up for,” she told us of her ideal subjects. “It’s not about having a credit card with no limit—it’s about choosing a few pieces to splurge on every season, mixing them with a little bit of high street and some vintage.”

Lake’s style (give or take the rainbow-brite hair, of course) is exactly that. She’s the blonde-haired babe with the signature red lip dashing through the streets in a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, structured trench and pair of statement shades. We caught up with Lake amidst the chaos of New York Fashion Week and raided her room at the Soho Grand to turn the lens back on her and play subject (not photog!) for the morning. Amidst pieces from her newly launched collection, Candidate by Candice Lake and vintage treasures, Lake had a stockpile of Carrera by Jimmy Choo shades.

“The beauty of sunglasses [is that] you can be as bold and daring as you like with them and then keep your outfit classic and modern. This is really the ethos of my style and of the girls who I love to shoot.”


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