Babe Walker

Author, White Girl Problems; Guru; Learner; Addict; Friend. Los Angeles

Over 2,000 tweets, two books (one out now, and one on the way), a blog, approximately 50 bajillion Twitter followers; and all in between extensive therapy, scouring Barneys daily, colonics, juicing and regular visits to rehab. Kind of impressive, right? #WhiteGirlProblems

It goes without saying that Babe Walker's kind of been a bit busy over the last few years; and yet somehow, between appointments with her acupuncturist, hairstylist, hypnotherapist, et al., she took the time out of her iCal to open up her temporary homestead suite at The Sofitel in L.A. for a photo shoot (only after doing some serious damage at Forward by Elyse Walker, of course). So, who are you (really) if you're not following @whitegrlproblem? And who better than Babe herself to explain how the whole thing went down? P.S. you can preorder her next masterpiece here, psychos.

"When I was approached by the ladies at The Coveteur to be one of the featured closets, I’ll be honest... I freaked. Due to a small fire that occurred at my boyfriend’s and my house when our pug knocked over a Diptyque candle during my daily nap-bath, we’ve had to relocate to The Sofitel, which is across the street from a huge Macy’s. As you can imagine, living next to all that mid-priced designer energy has wreaked havoc on my pores. My skin is an 8 at best right now, and I only have 1/16th of my possessions in this hotel suite so I guess you could say my life is not exactly photo-ready. On the day of the shoot, I took a Xanax to relax, then I took an Adderall because I felt too relaxed, and then I took a bong rip because I was so nervous. Then I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, the team had come and gone, but I’m happy to say the photos turned out great."


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