Amber Venz

President & CoFounder of rewardStyle. Florence

When you single-handedly create a fashion blogger’s saving-grace tool for aggregating commissions off of plugged products, credit is due. We’re quite familiar ourselves with those long tedious nights of scouring the World Wide Web in search of those-shoes-that-girl-was-wearing. So finding a seamless (and genius, may we add) way to easily navigate said product and then make a quick profit on it is just another one of those “Sh*t! Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. What began as a “bedroom side project” offshoot of her blog, VENZEdits, became a multi-million dollar international enterprise. Did we mentioned the age 24 part of this whole Social Network-like success story? Yeah.

For a once aspiring stylist who drove out to LA after telling her family she would be “the next Rachel Zoe,” it’s safe to say she’s come a long way. “If only my younger self would have known that she would one day be a client!” she joked.

Venz has this maturity, elegance and poise that almost makes you forget she’s a 20-something - must be the Texan thing. She also has this crazy way of carrying herself and ensuring that age-old motto “You should wear the clothes, the clothes should not wear you.” When we caught up with Venz during #Firenze4Ever in Florence, (which now feels like forever ago) we hit up the Luisa Via Roma store to do some, uh, damage. We scoured the racks with her, whilst pulling out pieces we could only dream would look good on us and subsequently stashed them into Venz’s pile because, like, if any can wear a white tablecloth and look like they just came off a Margiela runway, it’s her. That ante-upping auburn hair (think Rachel McAdams when she went red) definitely helps, too, especially considering she’s a natural born Sorority Girl-blonde; we know, we didn’t believe it either.