Steve Angello & Isabel Adrian

DJ, Music Producer & Record Label Owner; Model & Designer Los Angeles

“My wife, Isabel, would say I have sort of a ‘shoe problem,’" joked DJ/Producer Steve Angello.

We had heard rumors of Angello’s said “shoe problem” but it wasn’t until we dropped by the Swedish House Mafia DJ’s house in L.A. house that all was confirmed. Isabel Adrian and the couple’s angelic-and-look-just-like-mommy daughters, Monday-Lily and Winter-Rose (best names, right?) greeted us at the door and quickly took us on a tour of the couple’s home. As we approached Angello’s home studio, we spied a few scattered pair of single soles. Once we reached his still-in-the-works walk-in for sneakers only, (we can’t make this stuff up, guys!), we realized we were in the presence of a full-on sneaker freak… one who takes the art of collecting to new heights, especially when it comes to Air Jordans, custom creations and monogramming.

“And this is only some of it!” he confessed.

Though Angello takes the crown when it comes to the largest sneaker collection in the family, his habit has certainly rubbed off onto his wife and kids who each boast an impressive line-up of their own kicks to match the man of the household’s.

And while Angello is best-known for selling out stadiums and that signature DJ stance of the hands-up-in-the-air-right-before-the-beat-drops (you know the one) with partners, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, it’s the work he and Isabel are doing behind-the-scenes that we really took an interest in. In an effort to, well, Save The World, – see what we did there, SHM fans? – the Size Records-owner founded Size Foundation, which focuses on raising funds for education as means to empower children and young adults around the world. Amidst bouncing busy schedules, – Angello with his music and Adrian with her clothing line and hosting gigs – the two have dedicated their time to encourage kids through education by supporting an orphanage in Rishikesh, India.

And like the giant framed canvas in their hallway says: Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.